Oracle SQL by Example 


Sample Database Download

The following self-extracting zip file contains the sample database files you will need to complete the exercises and labs. Perform these steps to download and extract the file:


   1. Download  the scripts.exe file.

   2. Double click on scripts.exe file and unzip the files to the C:\guest\schemasetup directory.

   3. The readme.pdf in the c:\guest\schemasetup directory will provide instructions on how to install. Please read the instructions carefully.


You may find it convenient to print the STUDENT Database Schema Diagram (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Additional Example Tables

If you want to optionally install the additional tables used for some of the examples in the book you can run an additional script. Instructions on how to create the additional files are found in the readme.pdf file under the header "IV. Additional Example Tables Installation Instructions."